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The axe I chose.... Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

The axe I chose.... Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty..... (above is the hollow body)

All Gold Hardware... Grover Machine Keys. This is the 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty and I had a serialized 1977 Vintage Series as Peter Frampton masters the latest last greatest version now another 20 later Edition. The Black Beauty Custom is famous for its Triple Pick Ups. 18 tunable coils - all hand matched humbuckers! Hand carved arched top. A most beautifully polished Ebony wood fretboard with mother-of-pearl inlay.

These are made out of pure Mahogany body which is approxiamately 80 to 90 pounds per cubic foot. Rosewood is just under in density yet more pliant for the natural rich mid tones which the Les Paul Custom Black Beauty bellows ever the feather touch so eleoquently and beautifully clear cleanly. Rosewood would destroy the phenominal speed of the Mahogany Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty.

The fret board is pure Ebony at about 96 pounds per cubic foot as the most dense hardest wood. There are just a couple sources and the green veined Ebony is just the slightly less dense as the pure black is as glass, extremely slippery and can not be handled but by a master to attain her true speed that is unmatched. The Rickenbaccker George Harrison loved is even razored in speed and leaves her green. In duration and natural heat up, the Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with inboard Gibson Triple Humbucking Pick Ups will not back down in high treble and will continue to punch pierce the atmosphere with its own back through as a Fender though in Gibson ability and structure as top end razoring looses atmosphere without the carrier punch.

Disapation occurs in the razoring high end atmosperic punch anti-parabolic curve at close and distance sounding and is why the Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty is the fastest Guitar in history with the allegory a simulitude.